Something is RISING…

Perhaps you feel it as a growing anticipation... or that explosive frustration with life as it's been. You feel it tugging at you or bubbling up from inside. "Pay attention" it says. "And get ready for your part to play in all this." Because you want something more. You need something different. The life you've lived until now had something missing and you're just not going to put up with it anymore. This year you're going after it. This year, it's all going to finally change.

Something is RISING. And it's rising in you. Together, let's make your rise inevitable. Welcome!

I can still remember the first time I heard “I Will Always Love You” on the radio. It was a revelation. It took my breath away and I waited patiently for each time it would air so I could learn the words and sing along.

It had been a similar love affair with “The Greatest Love of All” when I was even younger.

Whitney Houston was my hero. In her I saw manifest all the possibilities my parents promised me. “You can be and do anything, Jaime,” they used to tell me. And when I saw women like Whitney I knew it had to be true.

And that is why last night, and today, my heart grieves…

How tragic it is when even our greatest heroes fall.

In Whitney I saw the greatness I could aspire to, and now I also see that such greatness can purchase its own price: namely the grief we experience when that greatness goes unlived, or falls, or is stolen from us.

In Whitney’s case, addiction stole her greatness. But we must ask ourselves, what drew her to the addiction? What abyss within her couldn’t be filled? What grief was she attempting to numb?

I can’t answer these questions for this Queen of Pop and we all know that life in the spotlight must be dramatically challenging… but these tears I shed for Whitney have all these questions swimming in my head and heart. And they raise some interesting questions for you and me too…

Because we each suffer, in our own ways, the unexpected cost of grief.

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Love is juicy, desired, deliciously complex and… and… ummm… unfortunately quite cliche.

Yet have you noticed that…

LOVE is on everyone’s lips again. It’s even trending and becoming popular.

Yep, so this poor wallflower (Love… not me! ) who hasn’t had her heyday since Shakespeare and Byron is again captivating the masses. We’re officially crowning her Homecoming Queen… because what better could carry us home?

You’ll see what I mean when you read the below… it’s a post I made earlier this week on Facebook that quickly became my most popular post to date with over 117 likes and 51 comments. All I did was declare my surrender to, and hope for love! And it inspired a bunch of similar declarations by others all across Facebook.

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You are not here by mistake.

The miracle of your existence is now in your hands. You are here for a purpose. You have something that only you can give the world. YOU are the difference it takes.

May YOU Dare 2 Rise!

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